Fat Loss Programmes

The question you should start with when embarking on a fat loss programme is ‘do I want to be thin or do I want to be healthy’? You can’t ‘out train’ a poor diet in the long term so putting your health first and fuelling your body with the nutrients it requires is key.

70% of how we look is based on what we eat and 30% is down to movement and exercise. Both diet and exercise are important for our overall health and well being, but when embarking on a fat loss programme it is vital that food habits change in order to see real lasting change. Extreme regimes of any kind rarely last and are almost impossible to keep up in the long term so healthy balanced meals containing protein, carbohydrates and good fats are essential to lose the fat and keep it off.

When someone has a large amount of weight to lose this balance is of even greater importance as the skin needs the correct nutrition in order to shrink and tighten effectively. Losing weight too quickly by under eating, over exercising or skipping meals can lead to excess skin folds on the body where it has shrunk too quickly. Extreme exercising also puts increased pressure on your adrenal glands and you can end up stressing the body with high cortisol levels that can lead to future health problems.

When deciding to lose weight It is very important to choose a food plan based on real food, as near to nature as you can. If it was made IN a plant DON’T eat it, if it was made FROM a plant then DO! Eating 3 meals per day with 2 small snacks is ideal as this ensures your blood sugar levels do not drop leading to ‘snack’ impulse eating.

Change your eating habits by cutting out processed foods and refined sugars. Start by reading labels and knowing what goes into the food you are eating. Where possible make your meals from scratch but If you are not a cook or are ‘time poor’ then make sure you purchase homemade fresh foods without additives and preservatives added. Watch your salt intake and be mindful of your calorie consumption and make changes today that your body will thank you for, not just this time next year but this time the year after and for many years to come.