What I Eat in A Day

I get asked quite a lot about what I eat personally so this month's blog is a snapshot 'What I Eat In A Day'. If you follow me on Instagram @body_fabulous or Facebook @mybodyfabulous you will see that normally I just photograph odd meals I have in the day - mainly to provide different meal and snack ideas and to review new products that offer health benefits. Today you have a list of everything I have eaten and more importantly WHY. I'm very relaxed about food and I have a real 80/20 approach. I am not vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free. So this is me on an average day working from home;
BREAKFAST - 2 stewed apples a handful of blackcurrants from the garden with mixed pumpkin, chia and sunflower seeds, 3 tablespoons plain GF organic oats and 2 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt. Why Greek? It's very high in protein so much more filling than other yoghurt brands. The brand I use (Total Fage) has no added sugars but it made with skimmed milk thus keeping the calories down. - calories = 345 - GF (Gluten Free) - Vegetarian (for vegan swap to coconut yoghurt)
SNACK - I always have 2 snacks a day and I try and make sure they have protein, carbs and good fat in them, small banana and a boiled egg is a great combo for me. Organic eggs ALWAYS - twice the omega 3 content over free range. calories = 155 GF - Vegan - DF (Dairy Free)
LUNCH - I love the Soupologie range - this one is curried sweet potato with coconut and raw cacao, super tasty and no added sugars. Today I added dried seaweed for an extra iodine boost as this mineral supports the thyroid gland. I also added a handful of sprouted seeds. Sprouting whole grains reduces the amount of starch they contain and boosts their nutritional value. Along side I added the 'Rude Health' chickpea and lentil crackers which are just 21 calories each and glower GI (sugar spike) than standard rice cakes. calories 438 - Vegan, GF, DF
SNACK - pineapple slices and some organic chicken - granted not an obvious combo 😂. Actually there is a method to my madness though as pineapple contains bromelain which works as a tenderiser and breaks down other foods in your digestive system quicker. Organic chicken only - remember if you are a meat eater then you are what THEY eat! I don't want to be full of antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids so I stick to organic wherever possible. calories = 172 GF, DF
* you may notice that I have protein from the chicken and carbs from the pineapple but no fats so I added 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil to my black coffee after lunch to help regulate my blood sugar and stop cravings. calories = 12
DINNER - Chickpea pasta with turkey breast strips made with 'Mr Organics' pasta sauce which has no added sugars - I added a mixed green salad with 1/2 avocado. calories = 495 in total (325 consumed) - GF, DF .I was raised in an era where we did not leave the table if we had not finished eating - hands up if you are with me 🙋‍♀️ - I still find it hard to leave food but I got 2 thirds through and stopped because I was FULL - cling film and back in the fridge - I will add more salad and finish it off for lunch tomorrow. I am not a dustbin - my job is not to dispose of leftover food. My job is to feed and nourish my body so I have the vitality and health to live a productive and happy life 🙌🙏.
TOTALS - 1447 CALS CONSUMED - fat 59.3g carb 158.8g protein 80.4g