Reversing Type 2 Diabetes With Diet


A diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes can be very scary but I have worked with so many patients now that I KNOW you can reverse it with the correct diet and some exercise. Don't resign yourself to a lifetime of medication - take control of your diet and get your health back.

Real Patient Account:

I went to see Amie in December 2017 as I was struggling to lose weight with my own efforts. At that point I was 3.5 stone over my healthy weight. I was very tired all the time, with very little energy, not sleeping well and generally feeling very low and run down. Amie’s screening process picked up that my blood sugars were too high and she advised me to see my GP for a possible diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. She explained that many of the foods I was eating were spiking my blood sugars, but reassured me that type 2 diabetes is fully reversible with diet.

I was officially diagnosed soon after Christmas, with two HbA1c readings - one at 72, which is pretty high, and then another soon after at 62! It was a shock, but I was determined to improve the situation. In fact, the second reading, which was only 2 weeks after the first, showed a good drop already as the changes to my diet had started the moment I left Amie’s clinic. I knew just how serious diabetes is and wanted to turn things around as quickly as possible. Amie advised me to eat unprocessed, organic, food and gave me many ideas for healthy, satisfying, meals and snacks within her very comprehensive report. She also advised on some supplements to help improve my insulin sensitivity and digestion.

Within a few days I started to feel better, in fact after just 5 days I felt amazing, with more energy than I’d experienced for years. I no longer suffered from food cravings, whereas before I was constantly hungry and snacking all day long. I decided to get a blood glucose meter so I could check roughly how I was doing with certain meals  – I started testing myself about a month after changing my diet and was delighted to see nearly normal blood sugar levels. By that time I had also lost a stone in weight! For exercise I upped my daily walk with my dog to twice a day to increase my step count – I now intend to add some strength training into the mix as I continue my weight loss regime. 

Just under four months after my first appointment with Amie I had my HbA1c blood test taken again – it was 42, which means I have reversed my diabetes, and am in fact only just within the lowest level that pre-diabetes begins – my diabetes nurse is delighted with me! I have now lost 30 pounds with around 20 more pounds to go before achieving a healthy weight and I expect my next HbA1c to be even lower as my day-to-day blood testings are showing normal levels. My blood pressure, which was high, has now also normalised. All this has been achieved with diet and gentle exercise. I will never go back to my old habits as I haven’t felt this well for years, and have no intention of letting my diabetes return!