3 Day Weight Loss Juice Plan With Evening Meal


3 Day Weight Loss Juice Plan With Evening Meal


This 3 day juice plan allows you to have 1 evening meal a day and juice for the rest of the day. Perfect for those who want to eat an evening meal but benefit from the convenience of juicing during the day. Please note your evening meal is not included in this order. It contains 5 juices per day (15 bottles in total supplied chilled in a FREE cool bag). Each 250ml bottle is a mix of fruit and vegetables which have been juiced and blended to ensure good fibre content. All juices are dairy free, gluten free, vegan and free of nuts *please note if you have a severe nut allergy* this product is made in an environment where nuts are present. The juices are freshly made and bottled and labelled for you. Ingredients vary depending on season to ensure the highest nutrient content. The 3 day plan is nutritionist approved to ensure full vitamin and mineral content and is approximately 500 calories a day. Weight loss will vary depending on what you chose for your evening meal, but can be from 3-7lb depending on your age, metabolic rate, current weight and gender. Suggestions for evening meals - one source of lean protein eg; salmon, steak (fat removed), chicken (no skin), turkey, lentils or tempeh with 3 different vegetables and one serving of brown rice, new potatoes, sweet potato or wholewheat / lentil pasta. Juices are available for FREE delivery in Wiltshire and Hampshire. Please email amie@mybodyfabulous.co.uk after you have placed your order with your preferred delivery day (please allow 4 days from order). Juice plans should be started within 24 hours of delivery. Please note we are currently unable to ship orders.

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The 3 day menu changes monthly. This is the current menu for our 250ml range which allows for you to enjoy an evening meal of your choice. If you would prefer to juice all day then please select our larger 500ml juice programme. As all our juices are made fresh, you can request for any item to be swapped out when you place your order. If you have any allergies please email amie@mybodyfabulous.co.uk when you place your order.


Golden Delicious Apples







Gala Apple


Wheatgrass (gluten free)









Coconut Water


Gala Apples


Ginger Root

Maca Powder





Spinach Leaves




During this 3 day detox you can have as many herb teas as you like but it is recommended to avoid all caffeinated drinks, fizzy drinks and alcohol for a full liver cleanse. It is not uncommon to experience headaches and mild nausea if you are used to a diet of refined foods, high sugar or caffeine.

Please ensure your juices are kept in the fridge until needed and transfer by cool bag if you are taking them out. Remember it is perfectly normal for the ingredients to separate – simply shake to wake!

All our juices are lovingly made by hand. We source fresh, high quality and local (where appropriate) ingredients. We do not add any ice or plain water when we make the juices, therefor please feel free to pour your juice over ice or add mineral water if you wish to.

Your juices are freshly made using a combination of juicing and blending. To ensure optimum nutrition please start your detox within 24 hours of delivery and finish all juices within 4 days.

Drink plenty of water over the next 3 days. Intense exercise is not recommended, but gentle exercise can actually help with the expulsion of toxins. 

Juice detoxing for the first time is different for everyone. Some sail through the process easily, but you need to be prepared for some detox side effects. These may include:

Furry tongue

Please note we use recyclable bottles and your order is supplied with biodegradable paper straws and a FREE cool bag with your first order.