Amie Richmond - Nutritionist At Bodychef UK

As a nutritionist for Bodychef UK - I know exactly what it feels like to carry A LOT of extra weight which puts me in a unique position to help others. Having lost over 10 stone like Tracey I really believe in the power of real food! Personalised fresh food meal delivery plans can take the anxiety out of food when you need a calorie controlled healthy diet plan. Check out Bodychef for more information.

This Time Next Year - Featuring Amie Richmond


What a huge privilege to be part of the ITV show, ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall on Episode 1 of Season 3. We followed the journey of Tracey Geddis who wanted to lose 10 stone in 1 year. With the help of Body Chef Food Delivery diets, Tracey smashed her goal and lost over 10 stone! Jim & I were so emotional watching her come out of those doors. A huge achievement for a wonderful lady -

Body Fabulous Now Part of the World Health Heroes Clinic


World Health Heroes Limited develops wellbeing teams nationwide to form the World Health Heroes Clinic Service. Body Fabulous is a proud supporter of the Salisbury World Health Heroes Clinic. This means we can deliver discounted complementary therapies to people who need them the most. The heroes believe in bringing an expansive range of complementary health therapies, alternative treatments and spiritual guidance to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access.

If you are in a low income family or are unemployed and you are suffering with a chronic illness, you can now apply for help with our services by filling out the form on this link;

Intergrative Healthcare & Nutrition Awards


We were so excited to hear the Body Fabulous clinic has been nominate for the Integrative Healthcare & Applied Nutrition Awards 2018. This magazine is highly respected in our industry for highlighting the practice and science of natural medicine. Just to be nominated is a huge achievement for our little clinic - thank you one and all for your continued support. :) 

Body Fabulous UK Enterprise Award


We are delighted to have won an SME News 'UK Enterprise Award' this year. Thank you to everyone who has supported Body Fabulous over the past 3 years, your nomination means the world to me 🙏 . Of course none of this would have been possible without the amazing Body Fabulous team who care for our patients, provide talks and workshops, work with the press and compile amazing literature and newsletters. Thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart.

Amchara Health Retreat Malta


Join me for 7 Days of Juicing

I'm very excited to be heading out to The Amchara Health retreat in Malta this summer to speak at this fabulous retreat voted one of the top 10 health retreats in the world by The Daily Telegraph. I will be staying from 19th-26th June so if anyone would like to come out with me for a full juice detox or raw vegan food experience then do email me for further details. I will be doing at least one talk whilst I'm there but there are a whole team of fabulous Naturopaths & Nutritionists to look after you whatever your health concern.