Amchara Health Retreat Malta


Join me for 7 Days of Juicing

I'm very excited to be heading out to The Amchara Health retreat in Malta this summer to speak at this fabulous retreat voted one of the top 10 health retreats in the world by The Daily Telegraph. I will be staying from 19th-26th June so if anyone would like to come out with me for a full juice detox or raw vegan food experience then do email me for further details. I will be doing at least one talk whilst I'm there but there are a whole team of fabulous Naturopaths & Nutritionists to look after you whatever your health concern. 

Juicy Oasis Portugal Review

The exceptionally lucky nutritionist that I am - I have just returned from a week in Portugal at The Juicy Oasis run by Jason Vale and his partner Kate . I completed the 7 day juice only plan and spent the week learning from Jason and his team about the health benefits of juicing for chronic illnesses and pain as well as skin conditions and weight loss. Not only have I come back 8lbs lighter but I have loads of new information on how to help my patients with specialist juice plans. For more information on juicing for health please email me at