Amie Richmond - ASZ News Article

Secrets to losing weight this 2017 without having to go to the gym and starving yourself

By Viola Smith / 2017.01.06

The holidays usually will make anyone gain a ton of weight and it is often a struggle to go back in shape when this happens. Most people would crash diet, deprive themselves of good food or would even hit the gym to the point of almost losing their strength. Amie Richmond, a nutritionist has shared some of the most effective and safer ways to lose weight and detoxify this year.

In an article published by Mirror, about 7,000 calories are consumed by most people each time December hits and many are also desperate to get all those calories gone as quickly as possible. One of the best things to remove toxins from all the holiday meals eaten is to re-alkalise.
To do this means to balance the acidity level of the body by putting some powdered supergreen in breakfast meals, which are available at any local health and food store. It is a good product to cleanse the body from toxins that could harm the immune system.

Drinking hot water with fresh lemon zest and ginger could also work in detoxifying. These are easier to make and it is a good alternative in case one can't find those powdered supergreens.