Gut Flora & Biome Analysis


Gut Flora & Biome Analysis


Are you suffering from chronic diseases? Concerned about your increased susceptibility for infections? Perhaps you have just completed an antibiotics therapy? Gut flora is the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans and animals. The healthier and more balanced our gut flora is, the healthier we are. A disturbed gut flora, however, can be the cause of many conditions including, IBS, acne, allergies, autoimmune diseases, frequent infections and rheumatism. Above all, frequent intake of antibiotics damage the gut flora sustainability.

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The test analyses the values of the following:

  • - Escherichia coli

  • - Proteus

  • - Citerobacter

  • - Klebsiella

  • - Other enterobacteriaceae

  • - Enterococci

  • - Pseudomonas

  • - Bacteroides

  • - Bifidobacteria

  • - Lactobacilli

  • - Clostridia

  • - pH-Value

  • - Candida albicans

  • - Candida spec.

  • - Geotrichum candidum

  • - Yeast

This stool collection kit is posted to you, with instructions for use at home, you then send your sample to the lab directly. Results take 2-3 weeks and reports are sent via email along with our recommendations.